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[会议报道] 第四届品质与福利鸡蛋(中国)高峰论坛

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The 4th Egg Quality and Hen Welfare Egg China Summit, co-hosted by FAI Farms, IQC Shanghai Co., Ltd., and China Animal Health and Food Safety Alliance, the 4th Quality and Welfare Egg (China) Summit was successfully held in Chongqing on November the 10th, 2022. This summit forum was strongly supported by the universities, industry associations, and enterprises. With the theme of 'Together we create, The future we embrace’ participants from academic circles, industry associations, and scientific research institutions at home and abroad, as representatives of breeding, equipment, processing, testing and certification, catering, and retail attended the forum.


本次会议采取全程双语在线直播,通过IQC平台访问会议人次达12,000, 综合其他转播平台,包括中国绿发会,良食基金、百度直播及中央新闻单位小康直播同步进行转播,线上观看量总计超过270,000余人次。


The conference was broadcast online in both English and Chinese. The online view through IQC reached more 12,000, and the comprehensive result shows that China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation, Good Food Found, Baidu Live, and the National News Media Xiaokang Live. The total number of online views reached more than 270,000.
Chairing by Dr. Chuanwu Xiong, CEO of Shanghai IQC, this summit was held as expected. Dr. Xiong introduced all guest speakers and expressed his gratefulness of  on-site and online participants’ support.

Mr.Øistein Thorsen致辞

FAI农场首席执行总裁Mr. Øistein Thorsen在线为本次峰会致辞,他表示在过去4年中,中国福利鸡蛋行业取得四项主要成就,包括:一年一度的福利鸡蛋峰会、发布非笼养鸡蛋团体标准、公开非笼养鸡蛋推荐采购清单和成立福利鸡蛋工作小组,希望本次峰会再续辉煌。
Mr.Øistein Thorsen, CEO of FAI Farms, delivered a welcome speech to the conference remotely. He showed attendees the four main achievements that China’s welfare egg industry obtained in the past four years, including the annual welfare egg summit, the CCFA cage-free egg standard, the public recommended welfare egg purchase list, and the welfare egg advancing working group. He wishes the conference to continue its glorious achievements.


Xiangyang Huang, Secretary-general of China Animal Health and Food Safety Alliance, delivered an opening speech at the conference. She said animal welfare is not against the use of animals, but use the animals in a scientific and humane way. Animal welfare, animal health, and food safety are closely related. She also wishes this conference a great success.


Announcement of establishing the cage-free egg advancing working group and publishing the industry report of China cage-free egg.

图片7.png 图片8.png

To better unite all parties and accelerate the development of China’s cage-free egg industry, FAI farm, CAFA, and IQC together launched the establishment of the ‘cage-free egg working group’ in August 2022. Group members shared their relative information and co-authored the China Cage Free Egg Industry Report. This report outlines industry development and the cage-free egg definition in the Chinese context; focusing on analyzing the industry status, including the analysis of the cage-free egg conception of consumers, retailers, and food service companies; sharing current market demand and publishing the recommended welfare egg purchase list.  We put forward corresponding countermeasures to the challenge of cage-free egg development in China and provided some practical cases for reference.


Dr. Chuanwu Xiong hosted the morning meeting. Guest speakers shared the industry development trend and market changes associated with the theme of "China's industry information and international vision".


Professor Hai Lin, vice-principal of Shandong Agricultural University, was invited to give an online speech on ‘precision farming and laying hen welfare’. According to his report, it’s needed to make sure laying hens are in good welfare status during the flock precision feeding period. It is also critical to ensure the flock and environmental uniformity, on-site feed formulation, and dynamic nutritional requirement.


中国农业国际合作促进会 动物福利国际合作委员会副秘书长张沛女士就“国内非笼养蛋鸡现状和发展”做报告分享。张沛女士通过市场调研介绍国内非笼养模式,并从成本、垫料、免疫等方面分析了未来发展的阻碍,并提出针对性建议,介绍目前市场上有助于提升品牌的标准、奖项等情况
Ms. Pei Zhang, deputy secretary general of ICCAW, gave a theme report on ‘the current status and development of cage-free laying hen farms in China.’ She introduced cage-free systems in China through a market survey result and analyzed obstructions of future development from the aspect of cost, litter, immune, etc. and provided specific advices. She also introduced the standards and awards that are beneficial to improving brand impact in the domestic market.


Ms. Huawen Huang, purchasing director of RT-Mart, analyzed the market and consumer attitudes and opinions about eggs. The egg market is going to be younger, consumption is gradually upgrading, and the middle class is becoming the main force. In the future, we need to learn more deeply about consumers and provide solutions, meeting their real needs, and reaching them through multi-channel publicity。


奥特奇中国研发及技术总监林刚博士就“品质鸡蛋 赋能健康新消费”做专题报告,回顾了中国鸡蛋产量和消费数据,并分析目前消费者趋势,品质、功能性和可持续性是未来非笼养鸡蛋品牌建设的关键关注点。
Dr. Gang Lin, research and technical director of Altech China, gave a speech on ‘ Improving quality of eggs: encourage new healthy consumption patterns ’. He reviewed egg production and consumption data in China and analyzed current consumer trends. He mentioned that quality, functionality, and sustainability are key concerns for future cage-free egg brand building.


Mr. Lei Wang, commercial excellence head of Elanco, analyzed the opportunities and challenges of edible raw eggs. China is a big egg consumption country and consumers pay attention to egg safety; the eatable egg can be an opportunity but faces biosecurity challenges. He introduced how to determine eligibility and control Salmonella through official standards, industry group standards, vaccines, testing, and establishing traceability systems. Salmonella control is the trend and the bottom line of food safety.


Henry Wang, Project Director of IQC, presided over the panel discussion and invited Wendy Wang, deputy secretary general of CCFA, Huawen Huang, purchasing director of RT-Mart, Wen Liu, marketing director of Big Dutchman, Dekun Li, head of certification dep. of Intertek to talk about the theme of branding and market for high welfare egg-current status and prospects. The four guests had a  discussion on the priority matter of promoting high-quality products, how to better serve consumers, the future development of cage-free eggs, and the difficulty of promoting and certificating CCFA standards.


The afternoon meeting was hosted by Ms. Xiaohong Wu, the Representative of RSPCA in China, with the theme of Production Practice of Quality and Welfare.

Mr. Murilo Henrique Quintiliano

Mr. Murilo Henrique Quintiliano, executive director and animal welfare scientist of FAI Farms, shared the benchmarking of the CCFA cage-free group standards. He demonstrated that China’s CCFA cage-free standard is equal to 90% of standards in the world and even better. CCFA standard has strong basics and is reliable which meets the China law regulations. Interested producers can apply it and meet most certification companies’ requirements in the world.

Dr. John Brunnquell

鸡蛋创新有限公司的创始人和执行总裁John Brunnquell博士从美国生产者的角度,分享了提高动物福利的商业理由,他介绍了蛋鸡的自然习性并解释为什么蛋鸡需要自由表达天性。并分享鸡蛋创新公司如何将非笼养应用到商业模式中的经验。
Dr. John Brunnquell, founder, CEO, and president of Egg Innovation, LLCC, from the US producer‘s perspective, shared the commercial reasons why we should care about animal welfare. He introduced native behaviors of laying hens and explained why laying hens need express themselves freely. He also shared important experiences of how to apply the cage-free production system in the commercial model.


Mr. Zunguo Zhou, chief representative of Compassion in World Farming, delivered a speech on ‘Linkage between laying hen welfare achievements and global trend’. He introduced the efforts and main works CIWF did for farm animal welfare, the global 2025 100% purchasing cage-free egg commitments, the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), the egg track, China Good Farm Animal Production Welfare Awards, etc. are made concerted efforts to promote the world to transit from cage to cage-free system. More and more people is taking action to improve the hens’ welfare.

Mr. Philipp Prang

Mr. Philip Prang, sales director of Big Dutchman China, delivered a presentation on the theme of "the Best Practices for Cage free Layer Farms around the World", explained the different cage-free systems in different countries, like the EU, European regions, USA, and China in detail, he also showed how to maximize the welfare level of laying hens in different systems.


Mr. Taixin Han, vice president of Suzhou OVODAN, shared the experience of quality management and application of cage-free eggs, and actively promoted the welfare of laying hens as one of the CSR goals of OVODAN. OVODAN is promoting the development of cage-free eggs by developing multiple businesses, participating in the drafting of many national standards, and concentrating on the whole process management from breeding and processing, and continuous product innovation.

Mrs. Maisie Ganzler

好味道餐饮有限公司的首席战略和品牌官Maisie Ganzler女士介绍了好味道从笼养到非笼养模式的转型之路。她分享了四个关键点,首先,聆听客户的诉求;第二,和动物福利倡议团体合作,借助他们丰富的经验和知识;第三,保证透明和公开;第四,敢于成为市场的先驱者,把握商机。
Mrs. Maisie Ganzler, chief strategy, and brand officer of Bon Appetite, shared the transition journey from cage to cage-free of Bon Appetit. There are four key points: listen to consumers, cooperate with animal welfare advocacy groups and learn their rich experiences and knowledge on animal welfare, keep transparency and opening. Last but not least, be brave to become a market pioneer and catch business opportunities.

Mrs. Huang Muci, project director of Lever China, shared the latest retailer survey report on cage-free egg in China. The results show that cage-free egg accounts for 17% of the general egg market, and production capacity is gradually increasing, we can reduce cost by scaling production.


中国连锁经营协会行业政策研究部副主任姜星女士,分享CCFA的商品品质评估的有关内容,她指出国家政策和消费者对品质商品和服务的要求已经提高, 并介绍了商品品质标准的内容及评估方法。目前,有利于社会、环境可持续发展的品牌正在成为消费者购买商品的超级符号和品质承诺。
Ms. Jiang Xing, Deputy Director of the Industry Policy Research dept, of CCFA. She shared the CCFA's high-quality products framework. She pointed out that national policies and consumer requirements for quality goods and services is improving, and she also introduced the content and evaluation methods of commodity quality standards, Nowadays, brands that are conducive to ESG are becoming super symbols and quality promises for consumers.

Dr. Li Congcong, animal welfare project manager of IQC, explained the contents of the cage free egg industry report, focusing on the definition of cage free egg,  industry overview and analysis, the challenges and countermeasures of China's cage free egg development, and the specific cage free egg producer. The report integrates the research reports and data materials of the welfare Egg Working Group members, aiming to help unify and popularize the knowledge of cage free eggs, help the industry to clarify their developing path, and make it better and faster.

At the end of the conference, Dr. Xiong Chuanwu, CEO of IQC, delivered a closing speech, summarized the conference, thanked all speakers and participants, and placed high hopes for the development of welfare eggs. So far, the 4th quality and welfare egg (China) summit forum has achieved a big success.

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